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Allen F. Perry

          “On December 2nd, 1981, I was born in Harlem Hospital, New York City. As 

a kid I loved drawing, writing and music. It was hip-hop music that inspired me 

to write songs. I enjoyed rhyming words and creating metaphors to express 

myself creatively.”

          “As a teenager I spent a lot of time recording my songs, sharing music with 

friends and performing at local venues. After college in 2003 I got a job working 

9 to 5 but spent evenings building a reputation as a full-time music artist. I 

achieved much success as an independent artist. I was signed to a record label, 

featured full-page in Vibe Magazine’s August 2007 issue (page 8) and 

performed live at B.B. Kings in Times Square.”

          “As an independent artist I learned how to write creatively, copyright 

intellectual property (my songs), create a brand, trademark my logo, create a 

company, open a business bank account, receive royalties, pay taxes, build 

websites and market products online. Combined, I call these skills, Independent

Artistry, and turned my blueprint into a self-help book – Hip-Hop 4 Freshmen.”

          “To solidify the knowledge I gain during my music experience, in 2011 I 

earned a masters degree in entertainment business and a 2nd masters in digital 

marketing. I learned that an artist selling music is very similar to an 

entrepreneur selling a product or service. Later that year, I self-published the 

first version of what is now known today as Hip-Hop 4 Freshmen. Since then, 

I’ve work as a mentor, manager and consultant helping aspiring music artists 

and entrepreneurs of all ages.”

          “In 2019, I earned the opportunity to teach Hip-Hop 4 Freshmen at 

Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy. For 3 years on weekends, I taught 

7th and 8th graders how to turn their ideas and hobbies into a real business. In 2023 I published volume 2 of Hip-Hop 4 Freshmen, adding an additional 250+ pages. Now more than just a self-help book, Hip-Hop 4 Freshmen is a curriculum.”

Vibe Magazine August 2007
K.O. Vibe Magazine August 2007

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