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         LaRen Bierria has served proudly in the field of Education for 17 years. She holds a Bachelors degree in Urban Education from the College of New Rochelle and an M.ED in Special & General Education from Mercy College. Ms. Bierria has held roles ranging from General Education Teacher, Special Education Teacher in a 12:1:1 classroom as well as ICT classrooms, Learning Specialist and Special Education Manager. 

          Ms. Bierria is currently serves as the Education Director for Harlem Children’s Zone’s Promise Academy I Middle School Administrative Team. She possesses experience in leadership, developing and implementing educational programs that have benefited the schools she has worked for. Ms Bierria has a passion for educating and uplifting children from the most impoverished neighborhoods in urban communities.  As a product of the NYC Public School System, she is well aware of the need for committed educators who view education as not only a career but their life’s purpose. Ms Bierria’s quest to provide educational equality that breaks the barriers of socioeconomic limitations has led her to launch and be a part of various endeavors sharing the overarching goal of equipping students of color with the education they need to be successful in today’s society.  

          Following the untimely death of her brother on his college campus, Ms. Bierria Co-Founded the LoyalTY Foundation in his memory. The LoyalTY foundation’s goal is to expose children to educationally enriching, entertaining experiences outside of the classroom and urban communities in which they live. Ms. Bierria also started Team BB ( Brains & Beauty) which is a social media based women empowerment group whose mission is to provide a supportive community to people of color as they climb the ladder toward success. She hosts an annual Team BB event with invited guests who touch on various topics ranging from ‘Navigating the Workplace as a Woman of Color’  to ‘College Freshman 101 : Things Every College Freshman Needs To Know To Survive College’. In addition, Ms. Bierria started Tailor Made Tutoring LLC, which provides online tutoring services to students grades K - 8. During the pandemic Tailor Made Tutoring helped combat learning loss by providing services via Zoom to struggling scholars. 

          LaRen S. Bierria is a Diversified Learning & Special Education Consultant who attends speaking engagements offering her knowledge and experience in the field of education to various causes surrounding professional development and teaching students with unique needs. 


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